About us

We are proud of the progress we have made.

Over the past several years,  has been successfully making the transition from a provider of industry leading business software applications to a provider of complete IT solutions combining technology with consulting and education services. We are proud of the progress we have made.

But another thing has happened over the past several years as well. We have witnessed the birth and the rapid growth of a new global economy driven by the Internet. Simply put, never before has information technology been in such a critical position to either make or break business and organizations of all types, sizes and geographic locations.

Solutions and pricing based on Outcomes. We focus primarily on understanding the bottom line business side of the outcome you are looking for. As concrete proof, we offer outcome-based pricing schemes designed to address the risks of traditional pricing models. By agreeing to clarify defined and measurable deliverables and basing our prices on their achievement, we give new meaning to the phrase " win-win".

Technology that Accelerates : The eBusiness economy requires that IT projects be completed as quickly as possible. Using  tools and methodologies, we have developed a number of service offerings focused on providing measurable results quickly, but without sacrificing solution quality. Our Express delivery, Express Maintenance and Express Discovery methodology and delivery engines, are just a few examples of the tools we use to dramatically shorten our project timeframes.


Visualization : Data Visualization is a powerful component of the   solution offering - from 3 D imaging for eBusiness catalogs, to computer-based training, to GUI interface development for critical legacy applications.

Having shown you just a few of the ways we separate ourselves from the pack, we invite you to read services to give you an excellent idea of the wide range of solutions we offer, and how they support our mission and key differentiators. You'll find out why thousands of businesses just like yours -from the smallest start ups to the world's largest companies - have chosen  as their partners.